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The Authors of Wanna Be Bad- Elizabeth Kirke

Wanna Be Bad is an anthology of  hot and sexy stories about forty-something women who find their first (or second) chance at love, after spending most of their adult life focused on other things. This week, I'm introducing you to the fabulous authors who have contributed to this collection.

Today, I'm featuring Elizabeth Kirke, author of Doing it Right.

Is there a genre you haven't written in but you'd really like to try?
Cozy mysteries! I’ve always loved a good cheesy mystery book and it seems like a quirky little genre. From what I can tell they have their own little conventions to follow, so it’s going to be quite different from my current genres. As it happens, I recently started plotting one!

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
A lot is experience. I’ve always jumped from thing to thing and done a lot of little bits. For example in college I did a semester of each: kickboxing, rowing, kendo, and fencing. I was always being told to pick something and stick with it, but I realize now I was just collecting enough information for character development! A lot of my hobbies pop up in books and places are often loosely (or heavily) based on places I’ve been. I worked at a historical site for a number of years, so my paranormal romance series based in an antique shop draws from that.
My story in Wanna Be Bad takes place on the island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, which is actually somewhere I’ve been, so the setting is drawn entirely from my experiences there. At the same time, the plot actually came around when I was going through some of my souvenirs from a trip in high school and wishing I had gotten less stupid t-shirts and kitschy stuff you can get anywhere and gotten more cultural stuff instead. That led to thinking about some other stuff I did on the trip that was dumb – like wasting an ENTIRE day wandering a town in France looking for hair dye instead of wandering the TOWN. Which led to wishing I could go re-do the trip and not have regrets 20 years down the road. And voila: the plot.

What did you want to be when you were younger?
When I was very, very young I wanted to be an artist. As soon as I learned how to write that turned into author.
After her marriage crumbled, Natalie looked back fondly on her vacation to Saint Martin. Even though she and her ex-husband, Blake, started dating during that trip, it reminded her of her youth. The island was the last place she felt free and happy. The last time she felt like herself. 
Until she finds her old Saint Martin journal and discovers that her imagination had sugar-coated the trip. Just like her marriage, she spent her vacation following Blake, hoping he’d notice her. The pages were full of regrets of things she hadn’t done, because he hadn’t wanted to.
Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Natalie decides to reclaim the independent woman she used to be. Armed with her journal, Natalie books a trip back to the island. This time, she’s going to do what she wants. She’s going to have the perfect vacation she remembered. She’s going to do it right.


What the hell was I doing?
Wasn’t I here to not have regrets?! How on earth did making out with my high school sweetheart fix that? If things became awkward between us now, so soon after we reconnected, I’d be furious with myself.
It was hard, but I pulled away from him, putting my fingers over my lips. “I’m sorry… I don’t know what came over me…”
“It’s okay.”
“I should go to bed.” Before he could answer, I jumped up and hurried upstairs. I was still wide awake when the others got back. It sounded like they decided to get in the hot tub.
“Is Natalie okay?” Mary’s voice drifted up into my open balcony door.
“She said she wasn’t feeling well,” Darren said. “We may have gone a bit heavy on the rum.” I silently thanked him for not saying anything. “How is she, with the divorce?” he continued. “It’s not really something we’ve talked about.”
“I think she’s handling it really well,” Mary said. “I mean, she’s obviously still upset about it, but I think this trip is good for her.”
“More like she’s realizing what an ass Blake was,” Nate added.
“Nate!” I couldn’t tell if it was Mary or Tanya. Maybe it was both of them.
“Well, that’s half the reason we’re here,” Nate said.
“What do you mean?” Darren asked.
Don’t tell him, don’t tell him. I thought. Knowing Nate he’d keep my secrets… unless he thought telling someone would help.
I listened as Nate explained how finding my journal had ruined the memory of the trip I had held on to for so long. Even though I wished he wasn’t telling anyone, somehow listening to him explain it made me feel better. He got it. And his succinct explanation seemed logical. Like my profound disappointment of reading about the trip wasn’t just emotional and irrational.
“I’m glad you talked her into coming,” Darren said, after Nate filled him in, with some help from Mary.
“Me too,” Mary said.
“I think… I think she might enjoy a girls’ day out tomorrow,” Darren said. “I’m glad we’re all here for her, but I think it’s hard to be stuck with two married couples all the time. Not to mention her ex.”


Friday, 21 July 2017

The Authors of Wanna Be Bad - Katherine Deane

Wanna Be Bad is an anthology of  hot and sexy stories about forty-something women who find their first (or second) chance at love, after spending most of their adult life focused on other things. This week, I'm introducing you to the fabulous authors who have contributed to this collection.

Today I'm featuring Katherine Deane, author of One Step At A Time.

What did you like best about writing a mature heroine?
I am almost 45 years old and have really sensed a change in myself. I have learned there is a difference in heroines from 30 to 40, for example after 40 you need to remember to cross your legs when you sneeze. It was just refreshing to utilize my own life experiences.

Do you prefer to work on one book at a time or do you have multiple stories on the go?
If my brain allowed me to do the 20 different stories going on in my mind at once I would, however I can only focus on one story at at time. Case in point trying to talk on phone and making dinner at the same time.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
One surprising thing I've learned is that the more of myself I put into my stories, the more I enjoy them. The more I love them. My creativity is the most closely linked to my emotions
A forty-three-year-old divorcee finds love in the arms of a younger man while training for the hardest race of her life. Which will prove to be more difficult? Running a grueling one hundred-thirty-five mile race through Death Valley or the not-so-socially acceptable relationship her family won’t accept?


“Lasagna still has another twenty minutes. How about a few minutes of me thanking you properly for all you’ve done for me?” She led him to the couch and gazed up at him from beneath her dark eyelashes, biting her lower lip before giving him a playful, almost secretive, smile. “Have a seat, and I’ll do the rest.”

“Aren’t you hungry?” he asked as she knelt before him and opened his zipper, releasing his already-hard cock.

Her eyes blazed with heat, and she licked her lips. “Hell, yeah, I’m hungry. Now, hold still so I can do naughty things that will make your head spin.”

“I’m not too worried about my head right now.” He groaned when she licked the base of his hard penis and took all of him into her mouth. “God. I don’t even remember my name with you doing that.”

“You’ll remember mine.” She growled, a husky tinge to her voice. “Shaylee Markle.” She sucked him hard and popped off again. “The woman who’s going to give you the best blowjob of your life. Say it.” She took him deep in her throat and did the most amazing thing with her tongue, before pulling off again. “Say my name.”

“Holy shit, Shay.” He fisted the edge of the couch as she engulfed him with her tight throat, her mouth so hot and wet. “Shaylee, God.” He felt like a teenager again, ready to blow his load in one minute flat. But that’s what this treasure of a woman did to him.

Her blonde head bobbing up and down, she looked him in the eye while giving him the best mouth fucking of his entire life. The little swirl of her tongue, combined with the tight heat and the way her mouth shimmied up and down; he wouldn’t last much longer.

She released him with a loud pop and gave him a heated look that scorched his whole body, her eyes molten with lust and power. Licking him from base to tip, she grinned lasciviously up at him. “I can tell you’re holding off.” She licked him again and swirled her tongue around his head. “Don’t.” Another lick. “I want you to come in my mouth, down my throat. I want to swallow every last drop of you so you can mark me from the inside as yours. Want to mark me, baby?”


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The Authors of Wanna Be Bad

I was very fortunate to be invited to join in a special anthology called Wanna Be Bad. Our guidelines were simple. These were to be hot and sexy stories about forty-something women who had found their first or second chance at love after spending most of their adult life focused on other things.

This was one of the best ideas I'd heard of and I couldn't wait to work on the story that quickly formed in my brain. There are some outstanding stories out there and I love this genre, but so many of the couples are in their late twenties/early thirties. I loved the idea of reading about people who were my age! LoL

Each day for the rest of the month, I'm going to introduce you to some of the fabulous authors and their stories that make up this hot and sexy anthology. To add to the fun I'm going to ask them a few random questions and then give you an excerpt to enjoy :) Be sure to check back in everyday for a new tease. You know you wanna ;)

Today I'm going to tell you about my contribution, Meant To Be.

Cassandra Jakes’ career gave her more satisfaction than her ex ever did. Making time for relationships was pointless, because at her age, Mr Second Chance wouldn’t be an easy find. She’d kept her inner bad girl locked in a cage for so long, there was no easy way to change that now.  
Remy Moraes had a two week maximum on any relationship and enjoyed the fact that no one expected a commitment from him. Cassandra was the only woman who could have tempted him to stray from his eternal bachelordom, but she was too far out of his league. 
When Remy interrupts Cassandra’s solo camping trip, the two of them fall into an erotic weekend of unbridled passion. Returning to the world of indoor plumbing, they both have a lot of baggage to unpack. Can they work out their differences and accept they were meant to be?


Forest air tasted different, Cassandra inhaled deeply and smiled. It smelled better up here too. No car exhaust, city structures, rush hour, or gridlock. A 20 minute hike into the woods to her site had her almost light headed though. Especially since she did it twice in order to get most of her gear up to her site, the rest she left in the car. After only a couple of nasty swear words her tent was up and food stored away in the bear boxes, the last thing she wanted to do was to have any big fuzzies show up for a visit.
Why didn’t she ever think of this sooner? The sun was setting over the mountains painting the sky in shades of purple and red. A perfect end to a beautiful day after spending the afternoon wandering along the marked trails, and enjoyed the simple beauty around her.  
The only smudge to the picture perfect sunset was a large black cloud formation in the sky adjacent to the vibrant shades. The weatherman hadn’t said anything about bad weather yesterday and she hadn’t double checked this morning. A little rain never hurt anyone.  
With a small fire going in the safety pit, she relaxed in her chair and read. Around her the forest was alive with sounds of little critters and hooting owls. There were already a couple chipmunks she’d bribed a return by tossing a handful of peanuts on the table for them.  She reached for her cell to call Jenny only to find it wasn’t in her pocket. Damn, she vaguely remembered tossing it on the passenger seat. That hike could wait till morning. 
A bottle of Alsatian Gewürztraminer sat on the cooler, a partially filled glass next to it. She held her hotdog over the crackling flame, toasting it perfectly on all sides, a bun in her lap already with horseradish mayo on it. This was the life, no worrying about what her breath would smell like, or if she made a mess. It was going to be a perfect weekend. 
A flash lit up the sky above her, followed moments later by a deep roar of thunder. She loved thunderstorms and her earlier thought of crawling into her tent with some of her toys crossed her mind again. She wished she was brave enough to go at right here and now, there was the slim possibility that someone might stumble across her. Exhibitionism was not her thing, neither was voyeurism. Both embarrassed her and that had been one of the nails in the coffin her marriage had been buried in. Karl was willing to do anything anywhere. Getting caught by a stranger while playing with herself was an intriguing fantasy but not one she wanted to experience. Unless it was Rémy….no! Not Rémy. She could feel her cheeks burning and was certain the heat from the fire didn’t have anything to do with it. Rémy Moraes was a fantasy all on his own and one that would have to stay that way.
Rémy was going to throttle Jenny Jakes and her mother Cassandra.  The former because the silly twit had run off and gotten herself married in Vegas of all places. No doubt she had some Elvis impersonator do it too. His daughter, Tiffany had filled him in on a few details. Flighty and irresponsible. Apparently Jenny’s boyfriend/now husband had his feet a bit more on the ground, but then after this latest stunt he was going to have to question that previous impression. If this was a grand gesture to win Jenny’s affections back, the man was an idiot. 
Anyone could have seen that Jenny had been pining for him. Moping around, bursting into tears at the slightest mention of him. As much as he loved Jenny, and considered her like another daughter, whenever she came by to cry on Tiffany’s shoulder, he’d beat a quick escape from the house. 
Contrary to his long time impression, apparently Cassandra was as flighty as her daughter. Taking off on a solo camping trip? What was she thinking? She wouldn’t know the difference between a hatchet and a hammer. No doubt almost chopped all her toes off by now trying to break a stump into kindling while wearing a pair of dainty strappy sandals on her delicate feet. That thought distracted him enough that he almost drifted into a tree. Damn, she had sexy calves too, terrible thing if she cut herself.  Shit! He snapped his attention back to the road steering his truck off the gravel shoulder. His wipers barely keeping up with the onslaught of rain pounding against his windshield. 
Goddamn, that woman always had that effect on him. Ever since highschool, when she’d been far too good of a girl for him to ever consider speaking to. She’d hugged the walls when she walked, her head in a book. A riot of black curls surrounded her pale skin, she’d never strayed far from her pack of silly twittering girlfriends. Even at that age he’d know she’d doing more with her life that he ever would. She had a seriousness about her and a drive to succeed he later found out was from her parents high expectations. She had done well for herself and matured into an incredible woman over the years. 
It wasn’t that she was a snob or anything. Cassandra Banks was a delicate hot house flower and he spent his days as a National Park Ranger. He loved his job, loved being outdoors and to get involved with someone more comfortable in a boardroom then in a forest wouldn’t be fair to either of them. But, here he was driving out into the middle of nowhere at ten at night to find a woman because she’s failed to ensure her phone had a signal. He’d do the same thing for anyone else who’d called him concerned about a family member. She’s not going to drown or get struck by lightning, be attacked by bears, starve, or die of exposure.


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#SixSentenceSunday - The Prince's Elite Warrior

I've back to working on my post-apocalyptic warrior book, it's so damn close to being finished, I need to focus and get the words down. My goal is to have it complete by the end of the month. Completely doable as long as I focus. Focus....must Focus.

My last SSS post on this book was from Titus's POV so this time I thought we'd look at the world through Ali'i :)

The Prince's Elite Warrior

   Ali’i Ku’ukaki scanned the sand covered expanse around him watching for any dangers that might be crawling along the desert floor. The undead hunted the living as if they could regain life by devouring the bodies that still held a spark of life. For the last two days, he and his men been following a trail of bodies, as if the creatures had been drawn to something but then cut down.
A large hoard had caught up to them earlier in the day and he and his seven fellow Kolo warriors had cut them down and placed their bodies back in the earth where they needed to be. They’d wanted to head back to the waters of their home but something kept driving him, curiosity or something in wind whispered for him to follow the trail.

Ali’i Ku’ukaki 


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Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

I have something new to share with you!! If you haven't checked out my Corinne Davies books, then there are some great opportunities coming up in the next month!

On pre-order right now and releasing on June 13th is a boxed set of my Steampunked Lust trilogy for only $3.99!!   Purchase here

In Steam Powered Passion, Tori is given to a couple of pirates as insurance to save a ship. Malcolm and Sean deliberately attacked the ship in order to get their hands on her. Can each of them see past their personal expectations and accept a relationship steam-built for three?
In Steamed Up Memories, a daring woman tries to atone for past mistakes by putting herself in danger. Two airborne rebels are her only chance for survival and forgiveness. Will their love be enough to withstand the bitter memories that could tear them apart?
In Steam-Driven Seduction, Kassandra fled from Julien, but the time has come to face her fears. Miguel's passion still burns for Kassandra and Julien, and he hopes to build a future with them. Can the dominant trio set aside their natures to find a love that will span the skies and seas?

And in bonus book Magical Redemption, Dani O’Brien spends most of her life staring at the stars and has never allowed other people’s opinions to dictate her life. Twins Gavin and Maddoc McDryw alienated themselves from their clan after loving a woman who manipulated them. When negative forces threaten, can they trust in the magic of love to hold them together?

Coming Soon!!!
On Preorder! Release Date: June 27th... 
Midnighter Seductions Trilogy + Trust in Sanctuary

In Claiming Destiny, broken down on a deserted New Mexico highway, Destiny Harriston doesn’t know she’s prey for two very different hunters. One wants her life. The other wants her for life. Capturing their woman was the only way to keep her safe, but Rock and Jag have to choose between love and protecting everything they’ve ever known.
In Stealing Hope, researching legends is what brings Hope Laroux to New Mexico where she learns the stories of ancient hunters are truth, not fiction. Falcon and Wolfe steal her away to protect her from the creatures that would devour her but can they convince her to give up everything she’s worked toward for a chance at love?
In Corralling Dawn, a rash of bizarre cattle mutilations threatens Dawn LaPorte’s dreams and leads her straight into the arms of Storm and Derechos, who have no intention of leaving her on Earth. Her fury at being abducted is nothing compared to the threat she faces if she ever goes home again.

And in bonus book Trust in Sanctuary, Jocelyn Richards never expected to find her future while investigating the past. Hired to find information needed to put an end to a centuries-old feud, she gets caught in a dangerous crossfire. Matt and Eric Baldwin go to great lengths to ensure her safety, but will the secrets behind the long-standing dispute drive them apart before they can create a future?

Preorder the Midnighter Seductions box set here
All 8 books in my 3xtasy Lake series will be bundled into two boxed sets being released on 
July 11 -> Books 1-4    &    July 25th -> Books 5-8

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#SixSentenceSunday - Wanna Be Bad

I need to stop vowing I'm going to get better at blog posting. LoL I mean well, I really do but Real Life gets the best of me and all good intentions get blown to smithereens.

Having said that this year is already FLYING by, I'm not sure if it's age (as I turned 46 this year), or I have so much on the go that I keep getting distracted. I was shocked when I checked in and realized I hadn't posted anything since January. (EEK!!)

Today's quick peek is into a short story I'm working on for a box set called "Wanna Be Bad". I'll post links when it goes live. Seriously, this is going to be an amazing collection. The theme to all the stories is, older women getting a first or second chance at love. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an ageist, and normally I don't care about the age of a heroine in a story....but there is something to be said for about reading about a woman in her 40's finding true love.

Here is a 6 sentence peek into my (unedited) contribution.....

     Buzzing filled the air, they both looked down at where his hand landed. He might have missed her toy, but remote had slid closer to him and his fingers had pressed it though her sleeping bag.

    "What the…” his hand moved and cupped the small quivering mound inches away.

     "Oh for gods sake, it’s not like I’m the only one.” reaching in she fumbled for the remote only to hit the wrong button and change the pulsations under his hand. 

Remy and Cass are so much fun to write ;) I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. The collection should be up for release in June. As soon as I have a solid date I'll post it :)

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#SixSentenceSunday - The Prince's Elite Warrior

I've always enjoyed Six Sentence Sunday.

(For those of you new to this, the idea is to take the book you are currently working on and post six sentences from it.)

As a reader, it's like getting a peak into an authors brain or a little tease of an upcoming book I'm looking forward to reading.
As an author, I like pulling out a teasing little blurb and seeing what the reaction to it will be. :) Also if I'm unsure of something I've included, this is a great way to get feedback before the book is done and unchangeable.

I'm going to try my best to keep on top of this and have something for you every week. If your an author, feel free to post your six sentences in the comments! :) Let's have some fun with this!

This week I'm taking my sentences from my zombie infested, post apocalyptic, mm, unedited, romance I've been working on. :)

The Prince's Elite Warrior

One of his bunkmates moved and Titus looked over to see who else was awake this late. Not surprising, one of the trainee’s blue eyes glowed in the shadows. The discomfort echoed in his gaze and Titus knew that the iridescent glow around Alexander's pupils was from whatever the doctors had injected him with today. 
There was only one way to deal with the agonizing pain of their procedures, distraction of the mind was the key. His cock twitched in anticipation and he pushed thoughts of all worlds past and present out of his thoughts. Knowledge was a curse if it made you dream of things never to be seen.