Sunday, 18 June 2017

#SixSentenceSunday - The Prince's Elite Warrior

I've back to working on my post-apocalyptic warrior book, it's so damn close to being finished, I need to focus and get the words down. My goal is to have it complete by the end of the month. Completely doable as long as I focus. Focus....must Focus.

My last SSS post on this book was from Titus's POV so this time I thought we'd look at the world through Ali'i :)

The Prince's Elite Warrior

   Ali’i Ku’ukaki scanned the sand covered expanse around him watching for any dangers that might be crawling along the desert floor. The undead hunted the living as if they could regain life by devouring the bodies that still held a spark of life. For the last two days, he and his men been following a trail of bodies, as if the creatures had been drawn to something but then cut down.
A large hoard had caught up to them earlier in the day and he and his seven fellow Kolo warriors had cut them down and placed their bodies back in the earth where they needed to be. They’d wanted to head back to the waters of their home but something kept driving him, curiosity or something in wind whispered for him to follow the trail.

Ali’i Ku’ukaki 


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

I have something new to share with you!! If you haven't checked out my Corinne Davies books, then there are some great opportunities coming up in the next month!

On pre-order right now and releasing on June 13th is a boxed set of my Steampunked Lust trilogy for only $3.99!!   Purchase here

In Steam Powered Passion, Tori is given to a couple of pirates as insurance to save a ship. Malcolm and Sean deliberately attacked the ship in order to get their hands on her. Can each of them see past their personal expectations and accept a relationship steam-built for three?
In Steamed Up Memories, a daring woman tries to atone for past mistakes by putting herself in danger. Two airborne rebels are her only chance for survival and forgiveness. Will their love be enough to withstand the bitter memories that could tear them apart?
In Steam-Driven Seduction, Kassandra fled from Julien, but the time has come to face her fears. Miguel's passion still burns for Kassandra and Julien, and he hopes to build a future with them. Can the dominant trio set aside their natures to find a love that will span the skies and seas?

And in bonus book Magical Redemption, Dani O’Brien spends most of her life staring at the stars and has never allowed other people’s opinions to dictate her life. Twins Gavin and Maddoc McDryw alienated themselves from their clan after loving a woman who manipulated them. When negative forces threaten, can they trust in the magic of love to hold them together?

Coming Soon!!!
On Preorder! Release Date: June 27th... 
Midnighter Seductions Trilogy + Trust in Sanctuary

In Claiming Destiny, broken down on a deserted New Mexico highway, Destiny Harriston doesn’t know she’s prey for two very different hunters. One wants her life. The other wants her for life. Capturing their woman was the only way to keep her safe, but Rock and Jag have to choose between love and protecting everything they’ve ever known.
In Stealing Hope, researching legends is what brings Hope Laroux to New Mexico where she learns the stories of ancient hunters are truth, not fiction. Falcon and Wolfe steal her away to protect her from the creatures that would devour her but can they convince her to give up everything she’s worked toward for a chance at love?
In Corralling Dawn, a rash of bizarre cattle mutilations threatens Dawn LaPorte’s dreams and leads her straight into the arms of Storm and Derechos, who have no intention of leaving her on Earth. Her fury at being abducted is nothing compared to the threat she faces if she ever goes home again.

And in bonus book Trust in Sanctuary, Jocelyn Richards never expected to find her future while investigating the past. Hired to find information needed to put an end to a centuries-old feud, she gets caught in a dangerous crossfire. Matt and Eric Baldwin go to great lengths to ensure her safety, but will the secrets behind the long-standing dispute drive them apart before they can create a future?

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

#SixSentenceSunday - Wanna Be Bad

I need to stop vowing I'm going to get better at blog posting. LoL I mean well, I really do but Real Life gets the best of me and all good intentions get blown to smithereens.

Having said that this year is already FLYING by, I'm not sure if it's age (as I turned 46 this year), or I have so much on the go that I keep getting distracted. I was shocked when I checked in and realized I hadn't posted anything since January. (EEK!!)

Today's quick peek is into a short story I'm working on for a box set called "Wanna Be Bad". I'll post links when it goes live. Seriously, this is going to be an amazing collection. The theme to all the stories is, older women getting a first or second chance at love. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an ageist, and normally I don't care about the age of a heroine in a story....but there is something to be said for about reading about a woman in her 40's finding true love.

Here is a 6 sentence peek into my (unedited) contribution.....

     Buzzing filled the air, they both looked down at where his hand landed. He might have missed her toy, but remote had slid closer to him and his fingers had pressed it though her sleeping bag.

    "What the…” his hand moved and cupped the small quivering mound inches away.

     "Oh for gods sake, it’s not like I’m the only one.” reaching in she fumbled for the remote only to hit the wrong button and change the pulsations under his hand. 

Remy and Cass are so much fun to write ;) I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. The collection should be up for release in June. As soon as I have a solid date I'll post it :)

Sunday, 29 January 2017

#SixSentenceSunday - The Prince's Elite Warrior

I've always enjoyed Six Sentence Sunday.

(For those of you new to this, the idea is to take the book you are currently working on and post six sentences from it.)

As a reader, it's like getting a peak into an authors brain or a little tease of an upcoming book I'm looking forward to reading.
As an author, I like pulling out a teasing little blurb and seeing what the reaction to it will be. :) Also if I'm unsure of something I've included, this is a great way to get feedback before the book is done and unchangeable.

I'm going to try my best to keep on top of this and have something for you every week. If your an author, feel free to post your six sentences in the comments! :) Let's have some fun with this!

This week I'm taking my sentences from my zombie infested, post apocalyptic, mm, unedited, romance I've been working on. :)

The Prince's Elite Warrior

One of his bunkmates moved and Titus looked over to see who else was awake this late. Not surprising, one of the trainee’s blue eyes glowed in the shadows. The discomfort echoed in his gaze and Titus knew that the iridescent glow around Alexander's pupils was from whatever the doctors had injected him with today. 
There was only one way to deal with the agonizing pain of their procedures, distraction of the mind was the key. His cock twitched in anticipation and he pushed thoughts of all worlds past and present out of his thoughts. Knowledge was a curse if it made you dream of things never to be seen.